“Hello, I’m a teenager.” 5 records to help you survive adolescence #2

“Hello I’m a teenager. I have a lot of spare hormones and I want to have sex with everything as soon as possible. Now. Right now. I said now.”
Death From Above 1979 – You’re A Woman I’m A Machine
This superb blend of minimalist instruments, maximalist impact and a whole lot of sexual predation and fire-power is a sort of extremely satisfying version of Nuts magazine for the ears. Chugging drums, snarling bass guitar and shouty, lecherous vocals dominate the record. Some synth also appears sparingly to give it a bit more depth but it sounds like a comic relief wimpy sidekick, in a good way. The lyrics are pretty much all about women and sex; never love. If they get properly amorous, it never seems real, like they’re pretending to be sensitive to get into your pants. As Sebastien Grainger spits on ‘Romantic Rights’: “I don’t need you, I want you.” This is the sound of the ruthless teenage id at work, in the form of an easy-swallow dance-rock record. It’s mostly very blunt, but when its lyrics get ambiguous is when it gets slightly frightening since you don’t know whether the things it’s suggesting are even moral. Are most teenagers actually this sexually confident/blasé? Of course not; not the ones we’re talking about at least. If someone extremely attractive came up to me, took off their clothes and said “Take me now”, I’d probably be too nervous to do anything and offer them a cup of tea. Nonetheless we are all animals under our clothes, and under all our clothes is exactly where this monster wants to get at.
Listen to: Going Steady


One response to this post.

  1. You mini genius, I love this album and you basically summed up why perfecty, and I also laughed at the “hello I’m a teenager I have a lot of spare…” bit 🙂
    I am officially your biggest fan! X


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