Hold up/Wait a minute: 100 Greatest Albums of the 90s: #47

Missed this one out. Thanks for calling it to my attention Jennifer Steadman, my biggest fan, apparently. I know! I have a fan! Here’s a short one.

Grant Lee Buffalo – Fuzzy
GLB’s sepia-tinged alt-country rock peaked with their debut ‘Fuzzy’, a bold romantic bookworm of a record. Grant Lee Phillips’ lyrics range from lover-on-the-lam power ballads which make ‘Livin On A Prayer’ sound like ‘I’m Too Sexy’ (‘Jupiter and Teardrop’) to sly, reference-crammed, brooding history lessons (‘The Shining Hour’) to twisted fairytales (‘Soft Wolf Tread’). You might have an idea on what this sounds like already, but whatever’s in your head right now does not do justice to what’s on ‘Fuzzy’. Every lyric is delivered with perfect impact and even makes the line “We’re looking for a place to stop to have a bite to eat” sound significant. The music is crammed with subtle detail which makes it sound carefully constructed, but emotional and raw enough that it also sounds spontaneous.


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