100 Greatest Albums of the 90’s: #22

Pixies – Bossanova
‘Bossanova’ is largely about space and UFOs and has virtually no mention of incest and mutilation. Shocking for a Pixies record, no? Even more shocking when you realise how much it owes to 60’s surf-pop, but whichever way you look at it, this is still the Pixies. Frank Black’s growls and barks are still intact alongside silkier (or should that be less abrasive) tones on the unusually pretty ‘Ana’. ‘Bossanova’ is about as poppy as the band ever got, which isn’t terribly poppy to be honest, but it’s a cleaner, hook-riddled and often catchy sound. They even do a Talking Heads salute on ‘Dig For Fire’ which is probably a highlight since you’ll be singing that chorus every time the moment takes you; that’s why I got banned from the library. Boom boom. Then again, nearly all these songs will stubbornly bury themselves in your skull, which means, while it may not be the best Pixies album, it’s easily the most infectious. Even though its subject matter is relatively innocent compared to their other albums, they still sounds as enchantingly unsafe as ever and it still stacks up as one of the best and most fully realised alternative rock albums there ever was.
Listen to: Velouria


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