100 Greatest Albums of the 90’s: #46

Suede – Coming Up
By ‘Coming Up’, Suede had abandoned analysing the lives of doomed paranoid romantics. Instead they turned their attention to the veterans of the whirlwind 90’s club scene, powered on poppers and body heat. This is glam indie – gleaming guitar pop peppered with androgynous genders, “cellophane sounds” and celebrity-obsessed characters. It sounds like both the Strongbow guzzlers at the bus stop and the suited-and-booted yuppies in the back of taxis, but what sets it apart from other records of its kind is its heart; case in point: ‘Saturday Night’. ‘Saturday Night’ makes an evening on the piss sound like a romantic scene in a Fred Astaire movie and even makes “We’ll get carsick” sound tender. Then there’s ‘Filmstar’ which sums up people’s love-hate relationship with celebrity so simply and so well it sounds like a period piece about the rise of Heat magazine. ‘Coming Up’ for me though is far more special than it is to most people, since this is my first musical memory. Stealing my sister’s god-awful NOW albums and listening to ‘Trash’ was like someone flicking a lightswitch. If it hadn’t happened, it probably would have been something else that triggered my obsession with pop music, but the fact that it was Suede makes me even more fond of this record. With or without memories though, ‘Coming Up’ is a classic pop record.

Listen to: Trash


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