100 Greatest Albums of the 90’s: #48

Blur – Parklife
People say that Blur invented the concept of “British” pop music; they didn’t. What they did do however was something equally vital. Uncle Sam had the UK in a cultural stranglehold of hangar-like hypermarkets, girl/boy bands and manufactured rock morons playing the music that Kurt Cobain was afraid of. Blur’s prototype was ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’, their best, but lowest charting record to date. ‘Parklife’ was a stone’s throw away, but had so many pop hooks it was eagerly lapped up. Despite being a middle class drama student, Damon Albarn sounds like man with a betting stub in one hand and a scotch egg in the other. It plays like a ‘Where’s Wally?’ scene of working class Londoners, from the 18-to-30 hedonistic holiday makers who know the streets of Benidorm like you know your own hallway (‘Girls and Boys’) to the old retired couples surprised to live through the rat race (‘To The End’).

Listen to: This Is A Low


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