Daft Punk – Discovery

More best of the 00’s:
Daft Punk’s debut ‘Homework’ actually made it acceptable to play house music at parties full of arty teenagers, rather than sweaty clubs full of gay stereotypes. It’s pretty hard to realise that ‘Discovery’ is by the same band. It’s so retro it practically has a mullet. Across the album’s 14 tracks, there’s vintage electro-pop, robotic funk, proggy-tech-rock and even ambient nestled beside their trademark French house which is almost sidelined. Daft Punk had been hard at work. Any shortcoming is always forgiveable. The sappy sugar-soaked lyrics of ‘Digital Love’ may roll eyes, but I dare anyone to not to smile at the music itself; plus the sound of that guitar makes my jaw-bone buzz. Even ‘Veridis Quo’, which sounds uncannily like Mario’s funeral, doesn’t jar the album’s flow, and eventually you come to love it as much as the others. This is dance music at its most diverse, rewarding and enjoyable. It really seems to have struck a chord with my generation, and it’s beloved by music snobs like me, as well as the Radio One drones I look down my nose at, and everyone in between. It’ll always be an important record for me though; this was where I first developed my love of electronica. If there’s one record that provides the best introduction to electronic music as a whole (for people under thirty), it’s this one. It covers most bases (despite being a strictly whistle-stop tour) and turns it into pop music, and really excellent pop music, too.

From the pseudo-space-rock guitar solos and bleep-squeak techno to the cyborg-singalongs and the music playing in the Starship Enterprise’s cocktail bar, it hardly ever flags. Everyone with even a passing interest in electronic or dance music should own at least one copy.

Listen to this: at a party.
Key Track: most of them.



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