The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die

The Prodigy were punks of the 90s; scaring adults, exhillerating their teenage offspring and getting every piercing/tattoo/crazy haircut available at the time. At last, someone had made music dangerous again, and what was more, it was damn good. ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’ and ‘The Fat of The Land’ were landmark dance records that turned raves from spaced-out pill-popping weekends jumping up and down in a field into something that people were scared of. What made ‘The Fat of the Land’ so good however was the fact that it showed versatility; these guys didn’t just know how to make noise, they knew how to make music. ‘Invaders Must Die’, The Prodigy’s fifth album, is noise. Relying far too much on their parent-scaring image and loud-loud sound, The Prodigy sacrifice everything else. Everything, pretty much is on one level and that one level is in your face. Eventually it just gets irritating and, in most cases, boring. There are few moments when their former glory but when they show up, they don’t last. The anthemic near-instrumental title track is the album’s highest point, starting with sparse rumbling bass, which shows promise, and quickly descending into meaningless techno squeals. The majority of the rest of the album is unimpressive and frankly annoying.

The Prodigy have lost sight of what made them great in the first place; they were The Sex Pistols to The Chemical Brothers’ Beatles, yet you didn’t need to be off your face or dancing or jumping up and down to enjoy them. They have shed all their former creativity for the sake of going of turning up the volume dial one more notch.

Listen to this: if you’re trying to beat the sound of the road works outside.
Key Track: Invaders Must DieInvaders Must Die


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  1. Posted by George on July 30, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    I agree that invaders is far from as solid as Fat of the Land, but I think ‘soul-less crap techno’ is a little over the top. Its head and shoulders above other techno crap you hear people listening to, and I should know because 90% of my brother’s music collection is techno crap, ugh.


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